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late night in new york

Get to know us better

What are we?

A lifestyle and fashion blog would be the correct business term, but we don’t consider ourselves just that. We are a community that encourages self- expression through fashion, art and words. A place for dreamers who just want to empower. We are promoters of self-love, social change and internal growth. While the world is fixated on the external aspects of life focusing only on body image, fame and followers; we care more about the internal aspects such as growth, empowerment and inspiration. 

What does LNNY mean? 

LNNY stands for Late Night In New York.

Why Late Night In New York? 

Because late night thoughts are the rawest ones. They are untampered with and they roam around naked in their honesty and hopefulness. New York is our home and the city of dreamers. Late night in New York is when the best ideas and moments come to life and we are living proof. That is how this blog was born: two friends at 2 in the morning, putting together ideas in an apartment in New York. 

What do we want? 

We want to be here for YOU. We want to create an environment in which you feel safe, empowered and inspired. We want you to know that you are not alone. We are here to grow with you. We’ll make mistakes along the way and get back up again together. We want to shine light on the things no one talks about. We want to change the lack of diversity, specifically the representation of it in the fashion industry. We want to help you be a better you. 

What do we believe in? 

We believe that when we focus on positive changes within our inner selves, we are changing the world. We believe in diversity, self-care and love. We believe you’re a badass that can achieve anything.