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Remembering what our purpose is...

LNNY is so much more than just a fashion blog or online retailer. We believe in inspiring, uplifting and empowering women. We aim to create a safe community where we can talk about any topics without judgment. We believe in spreading kindness and helping one another out of love while expecting nothing in return. We aren’t writing this blog to brag or feed our ego. However we are sharing this story with you because we made a commitment to communicate with you as a community and as a family. 

Last week we volunteered to feed and dress the homeless at a local church. We created and donated a number of LNNY hoodies. As we helped dress the people in need we were reminded of our purpose to help others. It is the most rewarding feeling in the world. As we share this we want to encourage you to help others. You can volunteer at your local shelter or you can donate your unused clothes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to necessarily spend money to volunteer, just time. You can be kind to a stranger, you can smile at your cashier or you can give a person in need a hug. There are many ways of giving and helping others that in return will help you. It is what makes living worth the while. We promise you that an act of kindness will warm your heart and fill you with positive energy. So go for it! Let us know below, will you be practicing an act of kindness?

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The LNNY Family

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