Self Improvement September

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Self Improvement September

You may or may not know that September is self improvement month at LNNY. Self improvement is very important to us because it goes hand in hand with self care and we are all about personal growth.

To celebrate this month’s theme, we created a Sunday series on our Instagram. We interviewed three different bloggers and asked them these three questions:

1) Why is self improvement important to you?

2) What do you do to self improve?

3) How can someone kick start their self improvement journey?

These ladies were incredibly helpful and inspiring to us. Their answers have sparked a fire to promote self improvement in our little community. Below is a recap of their interviews. 

Rachel from The Confused Millennial

“Self improvement is like breathing for me. I believe we are all here to evolve and grow, and the moment we stop doing that we aren't fulfilling our destiny, but instead are settling. Over the years I've done everything under the sun to self improve: reading, working out, meditation, yoga, eating well, shamans, psychics, astrologers, therapy, and the list goes on! I think the biggest thing, is that no matter how many things you're doing or reading in your self improvement journey, you have to actually *apply* it to your daily life. Awareness is great, but without action it's useless. For me, what that can look like is if I notice I was passive aggressive with someone, I take responsibility. I apologize. I don't shift blame or make excuses for my behavior but I acknowledge what happened and try to figure out why it happened on my own so I know what areas of my life need some TLC so it doesn't keep happening.”

Carys from The Style Editorials

“Self improvement has not only been a longstanding feature in my personal life but it’s also at the foundation of the work I do inside and outside of blogging. As someone who has to work continuously to help myself feel good, taking responsibility for my happiness, health and overall well-being has been an empowering. In an age where social media recognition has become the currency by which we judge others and we evaluate ourselves, taking ownership of how we feel about ourselves has never been more essential. For me, self improvement is centered around mindfulness and meditation, positive imagery exercises, walking,  immersing myself in hobbies I’m passionate about and spending time with people I have positive relationships with. I also find reflective practices are helpful in analyzing my reactions to situations or experiences; understanding ourselves better is always an important part of improving things. I often use journalism for this: making a note of any situations which created a strong emotional reaction and looking for any patterns or commonalities. I also use journals to practice optimism (writing 3 things that went well everyday, daily gratitude lists and breaking down my to- do lists or goals into small achievable steps). As a starting point I’d encourage everyone to consider what they want to improve, this will narrow down the the different avenues. For example is it about finding balance between responsibilities and time for yourself? Maybe looking into different time management techniques is more suitable. If it’s tackling worrying/negative thoughts then looking into mindfulness techniques that can help you re-focus your brain in a more optimistic manner. I like to think of self improvement techniques as a tool kit; the more tools (techniques) you have the better you can deal with anything that life throws at you.”

Vivian Nunez

“I think on some level I've always been invested in self-growth and by default that's meant being attuned to what self-improvement needs to look like for me. It's been my gateway to understanding who I am as an individual, in my relationships, as well as in my writing. I'm a big believer in the truth that others stories really do help mold your own, so I tend to lean on one-on-one conversations and books as forms of self-improvement. Lately, I've also really wanted to take on something that I know I will be starting as a true beginner in because it's a challenge I haven't given myself in a while. So if you see me picking up the guitar any time soon, you'll know why! I think everyone is in the process of self-improvement, whether they're doing so intentionally or not. The difference is that when you're able to decide you want to self-improve you leapfrog about 20 steps ahead of who you were yesterday when you were going through the motions and happening upon change. Making that decision, and it doesn't have to be more complicated than literally saying "I want to be better than I was yesterday", gives you room to ask the hard questions that will help you figure out what your areas of growth actually need to be. So my biggest tip is for someone to just decide on self improvement and then you'll figure out what that path actually looks like one step at a time.”

These ladies have shared their wisdom, now it is up to you to use this knowledge and invest in yourself. We believe you’re capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, you got this!

Share below your favorite ways to self improve, your words may be of help to others.

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