I Failed my New Year's Resolution in a Month

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I Failed my New Year’s Resolution in a Month

Image: Sarashakeel

It’s been a month and six days to the start of the new year and I have already failed at some of my resolutions. I’ve had my ups and downs, and who hasn't? I’ve had days where the motivation is none existent and days were the ideas are flowing. I must admit I have been feeling guilty about it too. Guilty about not being able to meet certain expectations I had set for myself a month ago when everything seemed hopeful and I was anxious for a new beginning.

It has only been a month into the new year and I already feel drained and in need of a vacation. This can't be right. Because of this, I decided to take a step back to analyze myself, my feelings and the cause of it all. By taking a step back to analyze why I felt such guilt and failure I discovered that I had bombarded myself with expectations left and right. I allowed myself to feel guilty when I shouldn’t have; I am only human after all. As humans we are meant to fail, the sooner we can accept that the sooner you can get right back up and try again.

To take action on this "issue," if I can call it that, I decided to let go of all expectations and only focus on one, the one that I found to be most important to my purpose: “Find a vacation in your everyday life.” I often get lost in the hectic and stressful parts of life that I forget to find a moment of tranquility and peace on my daily routine. This is a priority for me so I decided that this is the only resolution I would keep working on.

Lastly I made peace with the fact that not every moment in my life is meant to be memorable. There are moments in which I will not be my best or feel motivated and that’s okay as long as I live in the moment and don’t make the mistake of pressuring myself to do otherwise. Keep reminding yourself: I am human.

The most important outtake from stepping back and figuring out what was making me feel overwhelmed was that I learned that I have to let go of expectations, of the guilt and the pressure that I create for myself. Once I did that I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt peace again. And just like that I was hopeful for a new beginning because new beginnings are allowed to happen as many time as you need them to happen. They can happen every morning, in the middle of the day, the first of every month, on a Monday or once a year. So let go and start again, you’re only human.