Heartbreak Makes Room for Growth


Heartbreak Makes Room for Growth

As I sit here I’m not sure if I’m writing this more for you or myself but I’d like to point out that today marks a fresh start. Looking around me it was easy to see that 2018 was a year in which hearts were broken and seeds were planted. 2019 will be the year in which those seeds will grow and make their way through the cracks of the broken heart. This year is all about flourishing and turning into the beautiful masterpieces that we are meant to be.

My favorite part? Every masterpiece will be completely different, because growth isn’t linear.

You see, growth can be a painful process but it is never a negative one. Once we accept that, we can begin to embrace it and welcome it with open arms. It is through the deepest moments of pain that we discover ourselves. It sometimes takes our hearts being shattered to help us see a clearer picture. It takes vulnerability to discover how powerful we truly are. In 2018 you may have felt hurt but soon you’ll feel a sense of awakening, like a light shining through the cracks of your being getting stronger by the day. You’ll want to feed it, you’ll want it to grow. You will feel stronger, you know this is your time, you can feel it deep within your bones. No one will be able to break you down because it has happened before and you know there’s magic in picking up the pieces; in knowing you can build yourself back up stronger than before. You’ll get closer to where you’re meant to be, not from one day to the other because this is still a process but that is where the power and magic lies, in the process.

Heartbreak makes room for growth, this is your year to let the flowers within your soul bloom. This is your year to be the highest version of yourself. Allow yourself to be broken, allow yourself to make mistakes and allow yourself to grow. We’ll be here along the way.

Happy new year!