Change is a Process Made Out of a Million Little Things

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Change is a process made out of a million little things.

How do people change from one day to the next? They don’t. People change gradually; it starts with one insignificant action or thought until it becomes something big and noticeable. Sometimes we don’t see the changes. This could be because we’re distracted by other things or maybe we only see what we want to see.

This brings me to the realization that this is exactly what we are experiencing today in our society, change. The kind of change that’s slow, barely visible, painful, strong and once all the small pieces connect it’ll be impossible to ignore.

Recently, we have witnessed women speaking up on topics that have been kept quiet for way too long. Subjects such as men in power being exposed for sexual assault and inequality in the work force have started to make their way into the light.

We can agree that protests have occurred, laws have been put in place and others have been vanished but when you take a closer look there hasn’t exactly been any tremendous or deeply noticeable change. As women, we still can’t sit, relax and say “We’ve done it. We are all equal and we are all safe.”

Change is a process made out of a million little things.

The Kavanaugh case was proof of that. After all the sexual accusations against him, he was still rewarded for his erroneous actions. They chose to ignore women. Instead, they decided to send a message to men saying: it is okay to commit such acts. How could it not be if instead of being punished for it, they get rewarded? We feel heart-broken about the way this ended but as defeating as this was, this was still part of the process that has to happen in order for change to occur.

How is a loss a part of change? Simple. This loss has provoked anger, it has motivated people to fight harder and it has united us even tighter. This specific event has led people to learn about their senators, to register to vote for the elections happening tomorrow. It has evoked them to use their voice. This loss has driven people to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. It is teaching the generation after us to be better and learn from our mistakes. These small movements will lead up to the big change we have been waiting for.

Change is a process made out of a million little things.

Picture this: If we looked up any major changes down in history and we were to rewind the story from end to beginning, it would look like an explosion. It would be a huge object being taken apart into little pieces until it eventually is just one small piece inside a human’s heart.

Every change starts with one person, it is imperative that we begin the process of change by looking within ourselves. Make sure you’re the change you demand. Take small steps and don’t be discouraged by how insignificant they may seem. Go out and vote, one vote can be the difference between change and no change at all. Don’t be disappointed about the failures because they are a part of the process. Let the stories, failures and obstacles motivate and inspire you to go out there tomorrow and vote. Vote for the right people to represent us, vote for human rights, vote for a better world, vote and be heard. 

Because change is a process made out of a million little things.