The Cure to Lack of Motivation


The Cure to Lack of Motivation

Routines can be killer for the creative mind. You see, the creative mind is like a bon fire, if you don’t keep adding wood to it, it will dim until it’s off. We need to constantly fuel our brain with inspiration, break routines and try new things to keep our art flowing.  And just like you, we lack motivation sometimes too. Is today one of those day? Well you’re in luck because we are going to share how we get ourselves going when we don’t feel like it. Of course, we created a list because if you haven’t noticed we are obsessed with those.

  1. The first item on our list is more of a confession: we shamelessly spend hours on Pinterest and Tumblr scrolling through inspirational quotes and images that feed our creativeness. It does wonders for us. Sometimes all you need is an inspiring quote (or 20) to change your perspective on things. If you don’t know where to start, check out our Pinterest board HERE

  2. Read a book for motivation. Yes, you read that correctly. Words have magical powers and they can motivate you. Some of our favorite books that we like to read and re read that actually motivate and inspire us are: In the Company of Women, The Art of Creative Thinking and The Voice of Knowledge to mention a few. 

  3. Don’t have the time to sit down and read? That’s when podcasts come in handy. We aren’t a huge fan of people talking in our ears for an hour but we do enjoy short 30-minute ones. Sometimes all you need is someone telling you, it’s okay you can do it! 3 podcast channels we enjoy are: The Think Grow Podcast, Creative Pep Talk, TED Talks Daily.

  4. Break the routine. This one requires a bit more time but it has long time effects. Take a class, whether it’s dance, cooking or a language. If you can’t afford it at the moment, try to get out and do something you’ve never done before, go somewhere you haven’t been. Maybe spend time in nature or meet up with people that make you feel empowered and inspire you. As long as you are doing something you don’t normally do, this is guaranteed to work. You can save money and search for ideas on Groupon, they have hundreds of them!

  5. This one you’re doing it right now: You are reading a blog that inspires you. If you’ve made it this far, I hope this post has motivated you. Thank you for choosing us. If you still want to check out more blog options, here are a few of our favorites: , , .

Remember: Lack of motivation is a natural feeling, do not ever feel like you’re failing because of lack of motivation. It just means you’re human. The problem lies in not taking action to change it. You have the power, take a break, gather your thoughts, feed yourself inspiration, plan accordingly and execute. YOU GOT THIS. 

What are some other way you get yourself motivated? Share with us below!