Are Words Really that Important?

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Are Words Really that Important?

Words are so important. I started an entry with that sentence in an attempt to write a blog a couple of weeks ago and well, it went nowhere. That happens more often that I’d like it to; sometimes I think of something that makes slight sense and it kind of just lingers until one day I am sitting somewhere and BOOM! It makes sense. 

For this particular one, I was sitting at Word Up: Community Bookshop enjoying a conversation with Dominican Writer Nelly Rosario. It was a small gathering and she talked about different topics from her life in Brooklyn and her experience in college to her writing process in which she describes herself as a “fungus” because she enjoys writing in the dark and alone. She mentioned her use of the Spanish language in her writing and why she chose to use Spanish grammar. After reading an excerpt from one her pieces, she mentioned how her writing is much more advanced than her speech.

I wish I talked the way I write.” she giggled.

And then shared that sometimes she was afraid of saying certain words when talking because she was afraid to mispronounce those words, that’s why she is able to communicate so smoothly through her writing. And she’s right, her words are beautiful. Those comments however got my attention. They made me think about that thought I had a couple of weeks before.

A couple of days before, I was having a conversation with someone and they commented positively about how open and connected to my feelings I was, to which my reply was “I love words, that is why I write, they make it easier to understand and explain my feelings.” I didn’t think much of this conversation until I was at that meet with Nelly Rosario and it immediately clicked: I trust words more than anything out there because words represent everything that I am. They don’t scare me because when I write them down or speak them, I know exactly what I mean and I can make sense of the tangled thoughts that are usually taking place in my head. Words are so important. They aren’t just important, they might be the MOST important.

This brought me to my next point: from time to time I like to sit and reflect on my relationships, not just love ones but also my relationship with family and friends. I always try to figure out how it is possible that I can develop such a strong bond with some people and not with others. Some people might think the answer to this is easy: you don’t have to click with everyone, but for me human connection is extremely important, this is why I give the topic so much of my time. What I have realized is that my strongest bonds are with those people that I can talk to, about anything always. The people that I can tell my deepest thoughts and my silliest ones, those that I can tell them how much I love and appreciate them without hesitation or fear of vulnerability and they can do the same in return. Again, words.

When it comes to my past relationships, I’ve been asked the question “Why can’t I just show you? Don’t actions speak louder than words?” and my answer is always “No.” This is one of those sayings that we have been told for as long as we can remember and we never ever questioned it we just kind of live by it, but why?

I don’t think that there is anything that speaks louder than words. Of course, words should be followed by actions but the initial thoughts, feelings and intentions are formed as words and that is what most actions are based from. When you use your words, you become vulnerable and you allow the people around you to get a glimpse of what your intentions are which at the same time holds you responsible for your actions.

When it comes to your relationships, challenge yourself to be open about your feelings and thoughts. Share them with the person that they have to do with and allow them to know how you feel instead of leaving room for them to interpret your actions. After all, we judge everything based on who we are and to one person one action may be interpreted as one thing while for the other it means a completely different thing. Doesn’t it sound less complicated and much more rewarding to approach relationships this way? Leave your thoughts below!

Until the Next Late Night,