A Blog About Absolutely Nothing


A Blog About Absolutely Nothing

or is it about everything…

Things don’t always need to be perfect. Before I decided to take a figurative chill pill, I was absolutely overthinking this blog,

“I just need it to be perfect.” I kept saying to myself as I typed words and deleted them.

Then I thought about my therapist and the fact that right after I said that, I knew he would ask me to write the most imperfect blog I could think of, filled with misspellings and sit calmly through my anxiety until it went away. I draw the line at the misspellings. I will however, attempt to write a blog about nothing. Or maybe it’s a blog about everything. Maybe I’ll share a story about something that happened this past week or share an irrational fear. The thing is that no matter what, I will worry about the fact that this blog will be out for the world to see even though I chose to put it there. I will worry that everyone who reads it will hate it only to remember that that’s not what matters to me because I know that at some point in time, my words will help someone one way or another. Even if it just helps one human being relate to another, my job will be done.

I will now think about my past week, go through my notes, my pictures and my notebooks and collect random things I thought or wrote about and share them for your eyes to feast on.


  1. First things first: If you don’t consider pooping at your SO’s apartment a milestone, you are 100% wrong and there’s no arguing that with me. This is NOT a feminist issue. I know EVERYONE poops. What I also know, is that no one is comfortable pooping in the next room when the new person they are seeing is just a couple of feet away. How do you fix this problem? You have the “Poop Talk” and although still uncomfortable you somehow feel better in your heart that your SO knows you have bowel movements and your life just becomes slightly easier. Just me? Whatever.

  2. This week I cried at a McDonald’s parking lot and I will not tell you how I found myself in that predicament.

  3. Life becomes so much easier when you make the decision to step back and stop fighting other people. When you let them be who they are and you only act according to who you are and when you stop trying to force people to fit your unrealistic expectations.

  4. In the past week, I have only told one living being that I love them and that was my dog.

  5. I have a Word Doc on my desktop saved under “Scenarios that I think of for TV show” and one of the bullet points reads: “One character becomes a vegetarian to lose weight, accidentally becomes an animal rights activist to impress a guy.” And I PROMISE you, that has nothing to do with my real life, although it sounds possible.

  6. Does crying at Fixer Upper make you weird? Asking for a friend.

  7. I currently have 13 alarms turned on. Some of the reminders on them are: “Kickboxing,” “Don’t forget kickboxing gloves,” “Blog due today ASAP,” “Babysit at 12,” “Babysit at 3,” “Write one good paragraph,” “Therapy,” “Babysit tomorrow at 8.”

  8. I recently discovered the importance of not allowing toxic people in your life. Sometimes that means you have to kick people that are already in, out. Sometimes you have to go against what you believe and stop showing up for them as well as stop wishing they need you.

  9. Does not-purposeful fasting still have the same effects as spiritual fasting? What I mean is, do I still get the same benefits if I have to run out of my house without eating breakfast because I was running late to kickboxing?

  10. Life has gotten so much better ever since I decided to give in to my chocolate-after-every-meal craving.

  11. Can someone seriously answer this in the comments below: As an adult, do I REALLY need to let kids beat me at games? If so, can I get a logical explanation as to why the hell I have to do that? This actually has been bothering me for a while so honest responses would be great.

  12. Lastly, I will let you borrow my new mantra that has changed my past week for the absolute better: “I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.” Repeat as many times as needed.

And there you have it! My blog that turned into a list about nothing and everything, depending how motivated you are feeling at the moment. You have to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow and experience change.

If you feel inspired to let a tad bit loose, share some of your own random/funny/silly thoughts with me below! Meet you outside of your comfort zone!

Until the next Late Night,