4 Reasons Why Cheating is Actually That Bad


4 Reasons Why Cheating Is That Bad

Because it shouldn't be normalized...

Today I found myself angrily texting my best friend about an article she sent me titled “8 Reasons Why Cheating Isn’t That Bad.” We were both on the same side of the argument so we were just really angrily agreeing with each other because we couldn’t believe what we had just read. This article was written by a woman who based her conclusions on the studies of another woman who happens to be a Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert. I don’t think I need a degree or a title to let you know that this is B.S and here’s why:

  1. The first reason that was given is that “cheating affects everyone” whether directly or indirectly, everyone has been affected by cheating or knows someone that has. This weird theory is easy to debunk. Just because something happens to everyone, does not mean that it should be normalized. If you ask the same group of people that has been affected by cheating or know someone that has, whether or not they have been affected by cancer or know someone that has, they will say yes. Is this enough of a reason to put cancer on a weird list of OKAY diseases that should be accepted? NO.

  2. The author continues by explaining that cheating isn’t black and white and making the cheater the bad person and looking at cheating in that way leads to a misunderstanding of what cheating is. So my best friend and I agreed that cheating doesn’t make a person a bad one, there are good people that have cheated on their significant others. However, cheating is still a decision and no matter the reason why the decision was made is still a wrong one. The word itself has a negative connotation attached to it. If you are going behind someone’s back to do something, is because you know you are doing something wrong. If you go through with it, you’ve made the decision to do something that is wrong. Simple.

  3. The next points explain that talking negatively about infidelity makes it difficult for the people who have experienced it to work through it and that cheating isn’t only about sex. Yes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a couple making the decision of working through of an infidelity, but we have to look at infidelity for what it is and the fact that it is something that requires a couple to have to work through it shows that it is again, wrong. The reasons behind the action are hardly an excuse. If a person finds themselves seeking attention and love outside of their current relationship, then it’s probably best to focus on the reasons why that is happening and whether staying in that relationship is the right thing to do or not.

  4. The only thing that we agreed with this article is the fact that they actually brought up the word monogamy. Yes, monogamy should not be assumed but thankfully we as thinking humans have the ability to have discussions and make decisions. If you are seeing someone, and are inclined to be with someone else, you SHOULD have “the talk.” If both parties agree to not be monogamous, then they have found their ways into an open relationship. Congratulations! Live your life the way you want. If “the talk” has not happened and one person decides to be with someone else, this could end up destroying any trust and ultimately the relationship.

As an imperfect human being, I am not here to pass judgments on anyone that has cheated. I am here to stress the fact that cheating should not be normalized and the expectations of monogamous dating shouldn’t be diminished. The only thing that we should normalize is people’s abilities to make decisions. People’s choice to be monogamous or polygamous. A simple honest conversation can save a lot of trouble.  

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