We Traveled Back in Time and Styled 8 Vintage Looks

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I stumbled into Pretty Funny Vintage in the Summer of 2018 while I was dog-sitting at a nearby home in the beautiful town of Tarrytown, NY. I made a wrong turn while on my way to the supermarket and I actually did not make it there because I spent a long time taking in all the vintage treasures this shop has to offer. I had never been more excited about skipping dinner.

It was no surprise that this was one of the first shops to pop into my mind when I thought it would be a good idea to get us to visit some vintage and local shops and show you guys the amazing things that can be found in them. I could give you a list of all of the items found at this particular shop but I wouldn’t be able to fit it here because the store is filled with almost every item you can think of, in the best way possible. The items range from clothes, to jewelry, to home décor, books, accessories, furniture, and like I said, I can’t tell you all of it, but I highly recommend you go check it out yourself.

From what I’ve experienced, a lot of people feel intimidated by vintage and local store shopping because they believe they won’t find what they are looking for. My secret to this kind of shopping is to never go looking for anything specific. I like to walk into a store and let my creativity flow as I layer and mix-match pieces.

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The first thing I bought at this shop was a Muhle animal shirt that you will see all over my Instagram, because I can’t help but take endless pictures every time I wear it.

My favorite thing about this is that when I reached out to Pretty Funny Vintage owner, Stephanie, we communicated over e-mail for a couple of weeks prior to us coming in and the moment I walked in, she remembered I was “the girl that bought the animal shirt” and that I “was pretty crazy about it.”


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Remembering Stephanie when I first walked into the store last Summer I remember thinking she looks exactly like what a vintage shop owner should look like; like art. Upon talking to her, I realized that owning and curating a vintage shop is exactly that: an art. Here’s how our conversation went:

U: Everything starts as an idea. How was Funny Things* born in your mind?

S: * Kindly * So it’s Pretty Funny Vintage. Let’s see, the store has been here for 30 years and it started as me just being a student and going to state sales and flea markets and amassing a collection. I was lucky enough to get this space, it’s in my family. My store grew from a very small little space to a very large space. We love to focus on things that are somewhat with a sense of humor, pretty and now we’ve brought in new things so it’s not just vintage is new things as well. That’s kind of opened us up to the community. For people to come and visit.

U: I read on your website that you travel across the East Coast in search for vintage items. What is your curation criteria or what makes you choose one item over another?

S: You know, it’s mostly something that’s innate. When I see this item, it’s got to pass this like hundred-point criteria and I have to do it in like two seconds and I’m getting so good at it after doing it for 30 years that it just kind of ding! rings a bell for me.

U: What is your favorite item in the store or top 3 if it’s hard to choose?

S: My heart really belongs to vintage folk art. So that’s really how I started and that’s what I love the most. I love things that were made by Uncle Joe in the garage and now years later they’ve come alive again and have a chance at a new life and I love that. * Looking around * And things are a little off, a little quirky and that’s me!

Now let’s talk fashion!

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In order to show you why you should be in favor of shopping vintage and/or local, LNNY Founder, Lariannie and I decided to go in and show you ourselves. We spent a couple of hours putting outfits together and taking in the experience at Pretty Funny Vintage. The owner, Stephanie, gave us free range to try on anything we wanted, as well as accessorize it and shoot anywhere in the store during business hours on a Saturday morning. This made the experience even more thrilling and sparked up a lot of conversations with the customers that came in.

We each put together a couple of outfits and a little description of the reason behind choosing each outfit you’ll see below. Enjoy!

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I knew I wanted to use a slip dress when I first saw them. I have always loved slip dresses but I am not quite sure on how to wear them in real life (will definitely try again this Spring). Anytime I wear something that’s slightly revealing, I like to cover it up slightly so I searched for the biggest coat I could find. This one happened to be plaid which I also love! When I first put it on, I loved the look but it felt a little too “at-home” so I decided to layer as many pearl necklaces as I could. Once the look was completed, all I wanted to do was run home, sit at my computer with a glass of wine and write my first novel, Carrie Bradshaw style.

P.S: if you do go to Pretty Funny Vintage make sure you check out the pearl necklaces wall. You will thank me later.

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This look reminds me of a 1950’s mom! I actually bought this Japanese style top because I am a firm believer that shoulder pads need to make a comeback and I will try to make it happen. I layered a Diane Von Furstenberg sweater under it to bring the top and the skirt together. By the way, the skirt was a Christian Dior. I decided to add rustic, colorful jewelry to give it a little life and there it is! I was off to a tea party with my other mom friends.

I wanted to make sure I found pieces that were versatile and put them together. This look paired with short heels and a hat, reminds me of Sunday brunch. I would also wear each of these items separately. The top was a Ralph Lauren cream striped shirt that I would definitely pair with jeans and heels to my non-existent office job and the lace skirt, with a tight short skirt under, a body suit and a leather jacket for a night out.

I wanted to say this was my favorite look, but I loved all of them the same. This however, is the look I would most regularly wear. The pants are Roxy by Quiksilver so they brought me back to the early 2000s right when surfer necklaces were cool. Adding this majestic beige overcoat and bright statement earrings made the outfit turn into a 70s look all the way. Peace and love.


This one is probably my favorite outfit out of all of them! Shhh! Don’t tell the others. As soon as I looked into this particular rack this blazer stood out to me just like in a romantic play. You know, when a character falls in love and they look at the person and there is a stage light shining on top of them and you hear angels singing and what not. Yeah, that kind of moment. If I had to choose an outfit to describe me, this would be it: vintage minimalistic. I am all about the mix of neutral colors and different textures from pearls and sparkles to leopard print. Everything just clicked; putting this look together was as effortless as it looks.

This 1920s dress immediately took me back in time. I imagined myself laying on the porch of my wooden house while looking out into a field of flowers on a hot summer day; a hand fan in one hand and a book in the other. This simple beauty didn’t need more than a simple belt to accentuate the waist.

This look was inspired by 90s Versace. The mix of bold prints paired with a trench coat screamed early 90s Spring vibes. As I was putting it on I imagined myself picking up my girls in a convertible to go shopping.

I looked at this dress and thought: The Great Gatsby. I felt like a 1920s woman running for a train on my way to meet the love of my life. There’s just something about a silky slip on dress and a wooden suitcase that makes you think about romance and being in love.

And there you have it! Our efforts to motivate anyone reading to shop vintage and support small local shops. I am not able to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this particular store, but I definitely recommend you visit its website (www.prettyfunnyvintage.com) or even better, show up in person! It’s an experience.

Remember: You don’t have to ONLY shop vintage to make a difference. You can give it a chance slowly and you might surprise yourself. I personally think that there is such a divided extremism when it comes to slow fashion vs. fast fashion, so I like to practice something that I like to call “medium paced shopping.”

Our goal is to inform you of the beauty of shops like these and to show you that there are so many others like it with so many treasures in them! Leave your feedback in the comment section below on whether or not you’ll be trying vintage/local shopping and which outfits you loved.

Happy shopping!

Ughvolution & Lariannie

*Weeks before I met Stephanie at Pretty Funny Vintage I started to freak out about random scenarios of what could happen at the shoot. One of them was that I would say the wrong name when referring to the shop and that is exactly what happened. Luckily, this was the only scenario that actually played out!

Photography by: Melissa Dajti