Propose to Yourself: A Self-Love Journey

We are taught to believe from a young age that getting married should be your main goal in life. It is presented to us as the day in which we will finally feel “complete” because we found our other half. Instead of teaching girls that a marriage is what we need to make us feel happy we need to teach girls that our relationship with ourselves is what makes us happy and when that relationship with yourself is strong the rest will follow. Katie Stoeckeler, the founder of P2U Jewelry understands this well because she experienced it first hand. After going through the hard experience of a divorce Katie had a realization: “most women cannot wait to get married – it’s the highlight of our adulthood; a rite of passage. Why do we need to wait for someone to get down on one knee to own something sparkly? More importantly, why do we need to wait for someone else to feel “complete?” We are always complete. When we feel disconnected and broken inside, we need to go inward and do the work. We need to love ourselves first.”

Katie combined her love for designing fine jewelry with her love for helping others by creating a beautiful jewelry collection called Propose to Yourself. Her goal with this jewelry collection is to inspire a commitment to self-betterment. As she mentions “the rings are meant to be symbols of deep commitment and unconditional love; of the unity you possess and the importance of working consistently to align your mind, body and soul. They serve as reminders that you are enough, always have been and always will be and that you are capable of anything you set your mind to”.

I had the pleasure of attending her self love festival where I had a great time doing yoga, learning about finances, nutrition, connecting with other women and most importantly reconnecting with myself. Ironically enough, before attending the event I got lost trying to find the location. I was with a friend and we walked for a good 20-25 minutes before finding our destination. At the moment I was annoyed but later I realized this was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I was able to connect with my friend and myself through a meaningful conversation while lost. This added even more value to the self love festival experience. While at the festival I was able to get a personal look at the P2U jewelry and it is needless to say I fell in love. My favorite item was the boundary ring which had an engravement inside that said: “I am safe.” Boundaries are something I am constantly working on and this ring is a great reminder for me to find balance in my day to day life.

I am so glad to have came across Katie and her jewelry line. We need more companies that care about the message they’re sending to the world and that want to help others. I am grateful to have been reminded that taking time for yourself is vital to a healthy relationship with yourself and others and most importantly that self love is deeper than just putting on a face mask or spending money. It is about the journey of looking within and proposing eternal love to yourself.