What to Wear to a Holiday Party


What to Wear to a Holiday Party

A look book by NXC Vintage

The holidays are great. Between the parties, the gifts and the love going around it makes it one of our favorite times of the year but really what we love the most are the outfits, that really makes us excited. We love the thrill of putting together shinny dresses and sparkly stockings, the rush of creating outfits that will make us feel good. What can we say? creating is our favorite part of life.

We asked Avry, the blogger behind @nxcvintage to help us create a holiday look book. If you’re not following her yet, her aesthetically pleasing Instagram will give you all the feels and inspo you didn’t know you needed. We couldn’t be more inspired by the look book she created for us.

Before we get down to business we asked Avry a few questions, so you could get to know her better:

1) What are your favorite go to stores when looking for an outfit?

I LOVE stores like: Zara, Topshop, and Mango but we don't have those here where I live. So I tend to do a lot of "online browsing" before thrift shopping to fuel my inspiration on what I'm looking for. You'd be surprised, a lot of what's considered a new style can be imitated with vintage pieces. 90% of my closet is vintage. 

2) What are 3 items you must always have in your closet?  

-A good pair of Levi denim (goes with anything)

-A black men's style blazer (adds so much masculine feels to an outfit)

-A pair of black kitten pointed heels (very comfortable but adds class)

3) Where do you get inspiration for your outfits when you can’t figure out what to wear?

Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! I have everything sorted out by season, holiday, and more! It helps me so much. Also, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers who have great style.

4) What are some of your vintage shopping secrets?  

-MAKE TIME, you can't be in a rush when looking for vintage pieces.

-Don't buy it just because it's cheap. Yes, the prices are cheap but buying something just because it's cheap leads to an overwhelming wardrobe. 

-Go more than once a week, most vintage shops put out new product daily. You're missing out if you are only going once a week. 

-Don't give up if you're new to it! Keep going and try different stores. Most people think they can go once and they will find everything they're looking for and that's false. The very first time I went, I hated it. Years later my entire home and most my wardrobe is vintage or antique!

The Look Book:

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Which one is your favorite look?