4 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress This Fall

Transition weather is slowly creeping in. It’s 60 degrees when you leave for work, 80 when you go for lunch and 70 when you’re on your way back home. The most confusing time of the year: iced coffees or hot lattes? Do I wear a jacket with shorts? My beach bag is still out but so are my pumpkin decorations, am I sad summer is over or happy sweater weather is approaching? 

The unstable weather has all my feelings sort of mixed up. In the midst of figuring things out I made a genius discovery: The slip dress is the most versatile piece in my closet and so I am giving it the crown as queen of all transition pieces. To prove my theory I paired my favorite summer slip dress in 4 summer to fall ways.

I like to call this the “my toes are warm but my arms are cold” look. I paired my slip dress which I purchased from Trilogy Consignment  with a thrifted neutral color sweater, gold Zara heels and a thrifted leopard fur clutch. This works well during transition weather because you’re warm enough with the sweater but you can also remove it as the temperature gets warmer during the day, either way you have a good outfit on.

This is the “I’m really ready for fall and witchy vibes but the weather isn’t there yet so I’m going to combine both seasons” look. This one works well because you can leave the jacket or take it off if it gets too warm. I paired the dress with a Sam Edelman jacket, a thrifted bag and leopard flats.

fall 5.JPG

The fall business casual chic look. This look is one of my favorites. Why you ask? Because it’s the most versatile. You can wear it anywhere, literary. Am I going to work? Am I going to a bar? Am I going shopping? You’ll never know. You can leave the blazer on, put it over the shoulders or take it off. I used the slip dress as a top for this one pairing it with a blazer from a local consignment store, thrifted Gap Jeans, a brown leather 50’s bag from Trilogy consignment and Zara boots.

Last but not least is the “I just came straight out of a 90’s fall fashion catalog” look. This outfit is perfect for that crisp 50/60 degree weather. You can always remove the turtle neck if it gets too warm or replace it with a short sleeve shirt instead of a turtle neck for lighter layering. For this one I paired the dress with a simple black turtle neck and a pair of knee high boots I’ve owned for years.

These are just four of the many options a slip dress gives you to work with. You can also pair the dress with a trench coat over it and booties for a fall rainy day or add a cropped hoodie over the dress and sneakers for a more casual look. The options are endless. How will you be styling your slip dresses this fall?