Feel Good About Shopping From These 7 Ethical Stores

Last week we shared on our social media the story of the Bangladesh garment workers protesting for better pay and safer working conditions. Bangladesh is the second home to garment production for fast fashion companies such as Zara and H&M, shipping out 30 Billion dollars worth of apparel. However these garment jobs are still considered the lowest paid in the world with an average of $95 a month. The math simply doesn’t add up in addition to their inhumane and unsafe working conditions. No one deserves to work in such terrible conditions for long hours and barely any pay just so we can have the luxury of paying $25 for a sweater we will wear once and throw away without hesitation.

Even though we live on the other side of the world, their protest is our protest. At the end of the day we are all humans. We can’t march on the streets side by side with them, but we thought of a better way to protest with them: we pledge to stop buying from fast fashion companies manufacturing their clothing in Bangladesh until things change for these workers and they provide them better working conditions and better pay. This means we will only be shopping from ethical businesses. If you want to join us by refusing to buy from these companies that don’t care enough about the people who create their clothing, we put together a list of some stores you might enjoy and feel good about shopping from. You can also shop at your local consignment or vintage stores, second hand is the safest for the environment plus you’re supporting your community. A win-win.

Below is a list of stores that are doing it right:

1. Lady L Vintage Co: A cute small vintage shop on Etsy, with clean minimal aesthetics. The perfect place to find that silky button down you’ve been searching for.

2. Magnetism Store: An Etsy store selling curated vintage and handmade accessories at very reasonable prices. They have some unique gems you’ll love.

3. RE/Done: They focus on making denim the sustainable and ethical way. They use vintage Levi’s and remake them into a new perfect pair. Their prices may be a little over your budget but it’ll be an investment you won’t regret.

4. Mirth Vintage: If you live in New York you must visit their Brooklyn store, you’ll find some beautiful unique pieces at a reasonable prices. If you don’t live in New York their website has cool pieces as well, however they do sell out fast.

5. Able: They’re a one stop ethical fashion shop who aims to end female poverty by employing women and providing them with a safe and healthy environment that empowers them and ends the cycle of poverty. They have a wide selection of fashionable shoes, jewelry and apparel.

6. ThredUp: The largest second hand marketplace online. You can find tons of second hand items for very low prices, your wallet will be glad you found them.

7. Everlane: Their priority is to create classic, quality items in an ethical way. If you want to invest on a timeless item that will last you a lifetime and feel good about it, this is the store for you.

Drop any other ethical store recommendations below, let’s shop more consciously and feel good about it!

Lariannie MedinaComment