3 Summer Looks Straight out of my Grandmother's Closet

Back in April I went back home to Puerto Rico and visited my grandmother. One of my favorite parts of visiting her is being able to play dress up with her clothes just like I used to when I was a kid. There’s something so thrilling about creating outfits with pieces of clothing that have so much history and memories. It literary makes my heart jump of excitement.

My grandmother has always been a source of style inspiration for me. Her aesthetics are still going strong. She’s not the kind of grandmother you’ll catch wearing a dress or skirt but the kind that will wear a silky button down shirt with rolled-up sleeves and trousers just to go to a doctors appointment. She won’t leave the house unless she has her two most essential accessories: a gold or silver pair of earrings and one of her watches. She will never be seen wearing flat shoes outside of the house, she believes a woman should always wear a heel even if it’s as small as a 1 inch. Her good taste comes from working in the clothing industry most of her life from being a seamstress to clothes designing. She claims they don’t make any quality clothing anymore and that no one pays attention to details and stitching. Many of her tops are made by her since she often complains she can’t find things that fit her properly. Her closet is perfectly organized and it is heaven on earth for me. My favorite part of raiding her closet is the smile it brings her every time I style something of hers in my own way. These moments create a connection deeper than the clothing itself, it is history and love being passed down from one generation to another.

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The first item I borrowed from her closet was a beige cashmere cardigan. It was made in the 90’s in the factory she use to work for at the time. It has beautiful pearl detailing and it feels so soft. I paired it with white trouser shorts and accessorized it with a pair of gold earrings my grandfather gifted my grandmother back in the 80’s. I also added a vintage bag from Magnetism Store.

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For this look I used one of my favorite shirts from her closet. I am absolutely in love with the print, it’s so different and funky. My grandmother bought this shirt in the early 90’s, it is also one of her favorites. It feels so comfortable and soft. I styled it with a yellow midi skirt and my grandmother’s earrings.

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Lastly I styled a minty green gingham shirt she’s had since the late 90’s, which I should mention is magical because it does not get wrinkled no matter the circumstances! It is out of this world. I paired it with beige corduroy pants from my closet and my grandmothers wedge sandals.

Did you like any of the looks, if so which one is your favorite? Have you ever played dress up with your grandmother’s clothing?