What is the Cognitive Corner About?

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What is the cognitive corner about?

Feelings; Everyone has them but not everyone likes to talk about them. It feels like we are living in a superficial world in which portraying only happiness and success is the goal even when it’s not the reality. We have so much depth and complexity that for some reason we are ashamed to share. Mental health is equally as important as physical health. At LNNY, we believe that if more people were willing to be open regarding their feelings and made a real effort to understand each other, the world would turn into a better place. The thing is that it is hard. Sometimes it is hard to understand one’s own feelings, leaving a person feeling as if they have no energy to deal with someone else’s. This is why we created a new section on our blog. We want to talk about the not so comfortable topics. We want you to have a safe place in which you can learn, ask questions and understand that you’re not alone. We want you to know it’s okay to not feel okay all the time, it’s okay to have emotions and it’s okay to get help. We want to change the stigma around the phrases “mental health” and “mental illness.”  

Each month we’ll conduct new interviews with different therapists or psychologists on different topics. We will also have inspirational stories of people going through the same situations you may be going through. Please feel free to ask questions or send us any suggestions. This is a community made for you, we are in this together.